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Introducing Brodie!  The newest member of Joe and Kathy Letter’s family in VT.
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Rest in Peace


Lewis passed away in July 2012 and will be missed dearly.  He was Hemi’s doggie playmate and one of my best buddies!

My niece, Tracy Taylor on YouTube with new song “I Can’t Breathe!”

Please visit my brother Drew’s web site: www.henscratchfarms.com!

Please visit my brother Drew’s website

The Adventures of Wayne and Hemi!

Find entertaining topics relating to my Labrador Retriever, named Hemi, and fishing.  Raising my Lab has been most rewarding, educational and doggone fun!

Latest Adventure! Wayne's Photographs! Wayne's Adventure Land!

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Latest Adventure

On the Cheasepeake Bay, fishing with Capt Ryan on the Midnight Sun,

December 10, 2012.  Great catch of Rockfish.